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The International Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the gold standard grade X qualification in the world. At CS Academy International, most students take eight subjects, spread across six subject groups to give a strong broad based foundation to build upon. The student who takes subjects in all six groups (English, Mathematics, Science, II Language, Vocational & Humanities) gains the International Certificate of Excellence (ICE Award). More importantly, the student is exposed to a variety of subjects including Economics, Accounts, Computers, Global perspectives which provides an opportunity to evaluate their interest before selecting subjects in grade XI. While A levels are the natural progression for most students, some students successfully move to CBSE in grade XI, especially for taking Indian competitive examinations like the NEET and JEE.

IGCSE Subject Options (2021-2022)

The subjects offered and the combinations may be changed for each batch according to changing circumstances.
The subjects offered for 2021-2022 are:


English as First Language, English as Second Language


Global Perspectives


Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Combined Science

Other Languages

Hindi & French


Extended Mathematics, Additional Mathematics


Accountancy, ICT, Business Studies, Design & Technology

Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) award

The Cambridge ICE certificate is a group award designed for schools that want to offer a broad curriculum.
Students enter and sit for a minimum of seven subjects selected from the five IGCSE curriculum areas:

Group 1 – Languages
Group 2 – Humanities
Group 3 – Sciences
Group 4 – Mathematics
Group 5 – Creative and Vocational

Students who qualify for the Cambridge ICE award are placed in one of three categories:

  • Distinction – Grade A or better in five subjects and grade C or better in two subjects
  • Merit – Grade C or better in five subjects and grade F or better in two subjects
  • Pass – Grade G or better in seven subjects
IGCSE Schools in Coimbatore
IGCSE Schools in Coimbatore
IGCSE Schools in Coimbatore