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At CS, the focus is on holistic education, immaterial of the syllabus followed. Getting good grades or cracking an exam may be important but those are not the only things that makes people successful in the long run. Various skills like thinking critically, communicating powerfully and working together as a team are even more important.

The focus of the CS programme changes from KG to grade XII, eventually preparing students for life after school at university in India or abroad.

Our facilitative and structured learning methodology uses debates, quizzes, discussions and experiments that makes students think and learn. The classrooms are typically full of energy and enthusiasm, where children challenge each other freely. Our curriculum uses a blend of instructive, explorative and self -study techniques. For example, the Kindergarten follows our own unique integrated thematic curriculum which teaches concepts to young children powerfully.

Cambridge Schools in Coimbatore
Cambridge Schools in Coimbatore
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