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The CS Boarding House

For students from level IV and above

At the CS boarding house, we want students to lead a disciplined, yet fun-filled and activity rich boarding life. The boarders have the opportunity to explore different co-curricular activities, participate in sports and interact with students from varied places. We believe in equality and want students to learn to respect their peers, immaterial of their background.

We offer week boarding and full boarding. Week boarders typically return home on Friday evenings and are back in the boarding house on Sunday evening or Monday morning. The boarding students have a structured schedule which includes regular sports, fitness regime, supervised prep, project time and co-curricular activities. Weekend activities include trekking, visits to industries, inter-school sports, camping, visits to the mall etc.

The location of the boarding houses at the base of the Western Ghats guarantees all year round pleasant weather.

International Boarding Schools in Coimbatore
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Boarding Schools in Coimbatore

International Boarding House Schedule

A typical day’s routine is given below.
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays follow a different routine.

Rouser 05:45 am
Morning PT 06:00 – 06:45 am
Wash & get ready 06:50 – 07:40 am
Move to dining hall 07:40 am
Breakfast 07:45 – 08:10 am
Classes begin 08:10 am
First Break 10:20 – 10:30 am
Lunch 12:30 – 01:10 pm
Classes end 03:15 pm
Evening sports / Co-curricular 03:30 – 04:30 pm
Evening snacks 04:30 – 04:45 pm
Return to Boarding House 04:50 pm
Wash & get ready for prep 04:50 – 06:00 pm
Move to Prep Rooms 6:10 pm
Prep I 06:15 – 07:45 pm
Dinner 07:45 – 08:15 pm
Back to Boarding House (Level: IV – VIII) 08:15 pm
Prep II 08:15 – 09:30 pm
Lights off 09:45 pm

Note: Boarding students are taken out during weekends for various activities including trekking, industry visits, movies, inter school matches etc.

International Boarding Schools in coimbatore