Are you following the five key success mantras to crack the NEET?

five key success mantras to crack the NEET

CS Academy toppers from AIIMS, MMC, Lokmanya Tilak and KMC share their success mantras

Getting into a top government medical college on merit is a rare feat these days for most aspiring NEET candidates. Fifteen lakh people wrote the NEET this year in 2020, out of which 2.5% have a chance of getting a seat in a government college in India. The probability of getting into a top tier college is less than 0.5%. In this context, CS Academy students this year have gone to AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, Madras Medical College, Lokmanya Tilak Medical College in Mumbai, Kilpauk Medical College and Kilpauk Medical College amongst many others. In this note, these students share their secrets of success.

The five success mantras:

  • Focus on learning concepts and not on the marks received during practice. A focus on the marks received alone adds to stress, while a focus on learning is liberating. Reshika (MMC), says “One of the main things that I did for the past two years is that I gave my maximum effort and I never focused much on my marks because my marks are just the by-product of my effort”.
  • Analyse your mistakes and rectify them After every test, go over the errors made and identify gaps in learning. If you are not able to understand any concept, schedule a meeting with your teachers to clear your doubts. Sandhiya (MMC) says “I focused more on analysing my mistakes and moving forward rather than dwelling on my unsatisfactory score in practice tests”.
  • Work consistently with a plan. Creating a time-table to ensure all portions are covered and revised helps avoid last-minute panic and slogging. Srinithi (KMC) says “There are no shortcuts. I made a lot of timetables. Setting up a goal takes a lot of courage as it can be a double-edged sword”.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle that incorporates extracurricular activities and fitness. Preparing for the NEET is a marathon, so avoid burning out in the middle. Satyam (LTM College, Mumbai) says “The extra-curricular activities and sports help break the monotony, relieve stress and enable a balanced lifestyle”
  • Be confident and believe you can do it. Positive thinking enables you to work harder and achieve more than you can imagine. Pranith Krishnaa (AIIMS, Bhubaneswar) says “Believe in yourself was my motto during my journey of NEET”

The above mantras can be applied to any examination and not just the NEET. We wish all our students the very best in preparing for the upcoming examinations.

CS Academy’s 2020 aspiring doctors speak

Reshika B (Madras Medical College):

“My success would have been impossible without my teachers, as they motivated and were ready to help me at any time, at any cost. The ambience of the school was very helpful for me to prepare too”

Sandhiya Dharsini K (Madras Medical College):

“I am forever grateful to my teachers and the institution for their constant support and guidance throughout the journey. I also thank my family members and friends for encouraging me every time”

Satyam Badera (Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, Mumbai)

“Due to the integrated course provided by the school, I was able to do well in the NEET exam and could save a lot of time. Also, the excellent hostel services provided by the school helped me to save a lot of travelling time and avoid distraction. The extra support given to me regarding my studies is one of the reasons for me to have done well in my exams”

Srinithi. J (Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai):

“The teachers laid the groundwork for us to stay on track and each of us were each other’s force to move forward. So believe in yourself and work hard”

Gowri Shankar. G (Kilpauk Medical College)

“To succeed in anything three things are important, the driving force, game plan and suitable environment. CS Academy’s environment played a significant role in my success and I’m grateful for that”

Pranith Krishnaa A.G (AIIMS, Bubhaneshwar)

“I had numerous low points during my journey and I had to cross them to achieve my dream. My parents, my teachers and the management were very helpful to make me achieve this”