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CS Academy Coimbatore is part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) group, a global community of 80 schools across 22 countries in Europe, The Americas, The Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

As a member of this esteemed network, CS Academy Coimbatore enjoys unparalleled international learning connections, unwavering quality assurance, and exceptional governance.

The ISP difference:

At ISP, we support students to take ownership of their learning. Every student is motivated to shape their world through transformative learning experiences. We are dedicated to developing the knowledge and lifelong skills that will allow our students to succeed at school and beyond.

We champion a transformative approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom. By igniting our students’ curiosity and growing their self-confidence, our students thrive throughout their time at school and beyond.







10,000 +


80,000 +


Five Pillars of Learning at IPS:

Academic achievement

Every ISP student receives a personalised learning experience to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding so they can continuously get better.

Skills for life

Our students learn the essential life skills that equip them to thrive not only in their academic journeys but also in their future careers and personal lives.


Our students develop proficiency in at least one world language, while continuing to be supported in their home or first languages.

International opportunities

Through our international co-curricular activities, students nurture lifelong skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership, preparing them to excel.

Life and career pathways

Our bespoke university and careers-related programme helps students to make informed choices about their future.