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At CS we have dedicated competition days every month. All students regularly participate in the wide range of competitive activities available. Activities include Debating, Dance, Art & Craft, Jam and Singing (see list below) to name a few. The focus is on teaching children the joys of success that comes through hard work and practice and the ability to deal with failure gracefully.

At CS, we believe in healthy competition where students strive to be a better version of themselves every day.

Competitions at CS

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  • Bee in the bonnet
  • Clay modelling
  • Collage making
  • Craft – wonder from waste
  • Creative writing
  • Debate
  • Drawing
  • Dumb charades
  • Enact a personality
  • Glass painting
  • Greeting card making
  • Group dance / Solo dance
  • JAM
  • Memory tests
  • Mono-acting
  • Oratorical: Tamil, Hindi & English
  • Origami
  • Poem recitation
  • Pot painting
  • Public speaking
  • Puppet making
  • Quilling & Key chain making
  • Quiz
  • Show & Tell
  • Sloka / Thirukural recitation
  • Solo song
  • Spell bee
  • Story narration
  • Turn coat
  • Vegetable carving
  • Word power
Residential Schools in Coimbatore
Residential Schools in Coimbatore