Director’s Note

Dr. Sitara Vikram
Executive Director, CS Academy

A warm welcome to CS Academy. At our institutions, we aim to provide excellence in education and enable each child to achieve his / her full potential in a stimulating setting.

Over the recent years, there has been an increase in the choices available regarding school education. However, the essence of school education still remains the same – to prepare students for success in the real world and to make them productive citizens of society.

Therefore, our goal at CS Academy is simple – it is to produce well rounded individuals who are creative, competent and confident in interacting and succeeding in the world of work. Our curriculum is tailored to encompass the right blend of academics, play and self exploration. Emphasis is placed on creative teaching methodologies and children are encouraged to question, explore and arrive at answers. A variety of co-curricular activities and sports are woven into our curriculum on an everyday basis to provide broad exposure along multiple dimensions.

Our team brings a mixture of practical hands-on experience in education, in child development and in industry. Our blend of academic excellence, co-scholastic development, physical education and skill development programs makes the school years a rewarding and holistic experience.

There is so much to say about what we offer and about our education philosophy. I invite you to visit us at our campuses to experience our learning environments.

Welcome again to CS Academy.