CS International in Coimbatore offers A Levels, IGCSE and the iStream

CS Academy offers the Cambridge international program for students from grade VI and above. The focus here is on ensuring a high standard of academics while challenging students to think and learn. The iStream program for grades VI, VII and VIII ensures we combine the best of our traditional Indian academic strengths with that of the international curriculum to deliver high quality outcomes.

IGCSE is the gold standard international qualification for grades IX/ X. It opens pathways to further international qualifications like the A level in grade XI/ XII (offered at CS International) or the IB diploma.

Our team of qualified and skilled teachers is our strength – we encourage you to visit us at one of our open day sessions to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what level can I enter the iStream?
A: Any level between VI and VIII.

Q: Can I move back to regular CBSE from the iStream?
A: Yes you can. You will face no difficulty as we would have covered all CBSE

Q: Can I move to the IGCSE in grade IX?
A: Yes you can. The iStream will prepare you well for both streams of study.

Q: After IGCSE, which international board can I choose?
A: The most popular ones are A levels and IB.

Q: Can I come back to CBSE or State Board in grade XI after IGCSE?
A: Yes you can. We offer A levels for grade XI & XII if you wish to
continue in the Cambridge system.

Q: If I finish grade XII from an international stream (A levels or IB) can I apply to an
Indian university?
A: Yes you can. However, you need to prepare separately for competitive
examinations to score well.